WBRW TV can be watched on your TV, phone, computer and smart device!


WBRW TV is broadcast on Comcast Channel 6 and AT&T Channel 99 throughout Washington Township, Bruce Township and the Village of Romeo. If you are paying for either of those services, you should be able to watch WBRW TV at home!


WBRW TV is available to view online at robertv55.sg-host.com. This includes the live stream of our channel, and programming on-demand going back more than 10 years. If you are looking to watch the Washington Township Board of Trustees meeting live, or want to rewatch the 2018 Romeo Peach Festival Parade, robertv55.sg-host.com has everything you’re looking for. The website also works on your mobile device, if you’re looking to watch our programming on the go!


WBRW TV is now offered to residents using a Roku device. By searching for, and downloading, the WBRW TV channel, you’ll have access to our live stream and a collection of on-demand programming going back the past year.