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2017 St. Baldricks

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Indian Hills Elementary Talent Show

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RDL Trustee Meeting April 12, 2017

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School Board Meeting April 24, 2017

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Lucido, Your Lansing Legislator {Episode 25}


Washington Trustee Meeting April 19, 2017


Eats and Treats - April

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WBRW News Update

Special Edition: Around The Community

WBRW TV Channel 6 and Michigan Community Media are proud to present a special edition of “Around the Community” featuring a sensitive and yet important topic for our young people today, Sexting and Cyber Bullying.  

“Around the Community” is produced by WBRW staff member, Tara Humphrey. Tara brought the show to light by working with students from the video production class at Romeo High School. Classmates sat down in front of the camera and interviewed each other on what they thought sexting and cyber bullying was and how they were affected by it.

The show, hosted by Ruth Heidebrecht, joins Superintendent of Romeo Community Schools Dr. Nancy Campbell and Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham to discuss the real life consequences of sexting and cyber bullying.

"Part of it is just dealing with the situation by investigating it and confronting it,” said Dr. Campbell. “(We) include the parents and law enforcement, we do call them in from A to Z for the counseling piece that goes on and then also for the consequences.”

We hope that by producing such an important show that some light can be shed on this serious topic and parents, children, teachers, and peers will sit down and have conversations about the impact of sexting and cyber bullying.

“Around the Community: Taking On Sexting and Cyber Bullying” premieres Thursday, March 12 at 6:00 AM and again at 6:00 PM on WBRW Comcast, Channel 6. Check local listings or for other airtimes.

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